Sport England : Active Together

This programme is a coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic recovery fund, helping sport and physical activity organisations to move forward with priority projects and running costs that they might still be struggling with. 

It can help with projects that cannot be afforded right now due to the impact coronavirus continues to have on an organisation’s normal income streams, as well as a broader spectrum of issues that most of us now face. 

It is a fund about recovery, reinvention and building resilience. 

To date, we’ve supported campaigns with a financial pledge towards their target fundraising amount, but in addition to this, we’ve been providing: 

  • free 1-2-1 coaching by experts 
  • advice and guidance on campaign improvements 
  • access to free online courses 
  • free 30-minute webinars, monthly. 

There’s £7.5m of National Lottery funding available to continue supporting clubs and local organisations to set up and run their own crowdfunding campaign, with a potential financial pledge from us to help them towards their crowdfunding target. 

Crowdfunding is a great alternative if you don’t meet any of the priority groups of our other funding streams, or if you’re seeking to raise funds because of a loss of income due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As of 1 January 2023, we’ve invested £3.26m, with a further £7.07m raised from supporters within local communities.

There have been more than 83,000 supporters, pledging to more than 640 campaigns, with the average pledge being £85.

For more information and help with Crowdfunding please click here