As an employer

Our communities and our workforce are made up of a diverse range of individuals and groups with differing needs and we know there are a whole host of complex, connected barriers stopping people from being active.   

We want to break down those barriers and aim for our team, board and partners to be representative of the residents we are working with. We also want our workforce culture to promote and embrace equality, fairness and inclusion.

As an ally and influencer

As an organisation that works closely with a broad range of partners, through collaboration, co-design and co-investment we are in a position to positively influence decision making to be more inclusive. We take this seriously and think critically about where and how we can show allyship in our circles of influence.

Continuing our learning and development

We acknowledge that we’re on a continuing journey of learning and development to be as inclusive as possible. As such, we’ve chosen to partner with Inclusive Employers – experts in workplace inclusion. We’re working with them to upskill and educate our workforce, and check and challenge our ways of working regarding inclusion. 

See the slides from Zoiey Smale’s presentation at our Partner Forum

Inclusive employers are also supporting us to create our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) which will clearly set out our equality ambitions and recognise the principles set out in the Code for Sports Governance and our public sector equality duties. 

We’ll publish our DIAP as soon as we’ve finalised it.