Growing up in Milton Keynes, not everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their potential.

Children who are active are happier, healthier, and more resilient. And we know that having an early positive experience of moving, through community sport or physical activity, sets the foundations for an active life. But right now, the opportunities for young people to be active depend far too much on what your parents or careers earn, the colour of your skin or what street you’re growing up on.

This has to change.

Who are MK Movers?

Coaches, leaders and organisations who are working together to break down barriers and create positive experiences of being active for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in MK.

What will the group do?

The MK Movers will work together to make movement matter and fight the inequality many children and young people face.

The groups’ aims align with Sport England’s ‘Uniting the Movement’ strategy and believe that working together is better for everyone.

This could include sharing ideas and learning, collaborating on projects and funding bids, communicating to prevent duplication of provision and widening opportunities for young people in underrepresented communities.

Membership is free, we’re working together for the same cause.

Initially, the group will meet on a bimonthly or quarterly, in person where possible.

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Working together to change the system

The MK Movers is a group of organisations dedicated to making an active lifestyle a possibility to every child and young person in Milton Keynes, regardless of their disability, background, ethnicity, gender or socio-economic grouping.

The founding members want to build a group of coaches, instructors and organisations who are committed to changing the reality of getting and staying active for many young people in Milton Keynes.

Member organisations

MK Movers is a group of like minded organisations who have come together to help the children and young people of Milton Keynes to become active with a wide range of sports and physical activities to offer. Founded in 2022, one of the aims of the group is to help promote opportunities to move for children and young people.

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