We understand that it can be difficult for some people to be regularly active and there can be uncertainty about how best to get started.

Many of us are anxious, nervous or have long-term health conditions and require a bit more support. The Move Together pathway is here to simplify the process by connecting the health and social care system to community based exercise professionals.

Moving more, in a way that works for individuals, is hugely beneficial. It can help to better manage a long-term health condition, increase energy levels and help with mood or weight management. Being active is about finding what works for people, motivation and a welcoming instructor who can tailor the activity for the individual.  

If you are:

  • Supporting someone with a long term health condition, or if they could benefit from moving more to improve their physical and mental health, please visit one of the links below and download the relevant activity leaflet and signpost them today.
  • A  venue or group of exercise professionals providing a range of activity for residents/patients who need support to lead a more active lifestyle: visit our Active Lifestyle Hubs page.
  • A Health or Social Care Professional who would like to connect and grow the pathway to their department or patients with a specific health condition please get in touch with Chris Gregory via email cgregory@leapwithus.org.uk

Active Lifestyle Hubs

Active Lifestyle Hubs are venues and exercise professionals who provide support, advice and guidance to people living with long-term health conditions signposted via the Move Together pathway.


Moving Minds

Suitable for people experiencing mental health issues. The coaches and instructors of these sessions have all undertaken the UK Coaching and Mind’s ‘Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity’ workshop


Can Move

A partnership between the NHS and community providers to support the wellbeing of people living with a cancer diagnosis by helping them become or stay active, which will improve patient outcomes.


Better Balance

Better balance is a range of exercise classes in the community which improve strength and balance. The instructors are able to adapt exercised to participants’ needs so that they enjoy the sessions at their own pace and level.