Ethnically Diverse Communities

We champion and facilitate regular movement, activity, or sport as a tool to support the physical and emotional well-being of everyone. There are significant differences in the activity levels amongst ethnically diverse communities living in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

The chart from Sport England Active Lives survey data (November 21-22) shows how activity levels vary between different ethnic groups. Inequality in these activity levels contributes to other societal inequalities such as life expectancy, physical health, educational attainment and emotional and mental wellbeing.

The Leap team is committed to use its resources to understand and remove the challenges and barriers that create these inequalities in activity levels.

This is just the start: we know there is so much more that can be done to tackle these inequalities, in partnership with organisations and individuals. We are committed to creating opportunities for people to feel the benefits of an active lifestyle.

If you wish to become involved:
Please contact to discuss working in partnership with Leap
Leaders and coaches contact for more information.

Graph showing activity levels of Ethnically Diverse Communities

Physical activity leaders, instructors and coaches are under-represented in ethnically diverse communities. 37% of people from these communities take part in sport but made up only 5% of people obtaining qualifications in 2017 (the last year this data was obtained, but it will be updated in January 2024).


Current Investments

The Leap team will be inclusion allies for ethnically diverse communities in Bucks and MK. We will partner with organisations and individuals working and volunteering with ethnically diverse communities to enable residents to shape activities and services to increase activity levels with a focus on improving their wellbeing.

Current investments and targeted resources include:

Community Connectors: connect with their community to understand barriers, issues and challenges to engage with local services and physical activities. There are currently three host organisations:

  • Aylesbury Caribbean Lunch Club: Supporting the black and Caribbean community in Aylesbury.
  • South Asian Public Health Organisation (SAPHO Care): Supporting the High Wycombe South East Asian community.
  • Truby’s Garden TeaRoom: Supporting Muslim women and their families in Milton Keynes.

Coaching Champions: are experienced at working in priority ward areas with underrepresented groups. They are creating a system that engages, enables and empowers people within these areas to help improve lives through physical activity and sport.