Coaching Community Champions

We aim to further tackle inactivity across Bucks & MK by recruiting, developing & deploying people from our top three priority ward areas (based on inactivity) to join the coaching workforce who can in turn encourage and provide physical activity for people within their communities.

We have a Coaching Community Champion in each of the three priority ward areas, their role with the support of Leap is to develop coaching communities in these areas to create a more representative workforce and:

  • Make it easier to start coaching: Entry points are made more appealing and accessible by providing additional support, funding and sharing stories (for example, people like/understand me),
  • Foster an improvement culture: Build a strong social learning community for coaches to connect and learn from each other through peer relationships.
  • Enhance the delivery infrastructure: Ongoing support provided in the right way, at the right time and the right price (online and offline).
Large group photo of women walkers in coats

Our Coaching Community Champions are experienced at working in priority ward areas with underrepresented groups and will help to create a system that engages, enables and empowers people within these areas to deliver excellent physical activity experiences and help improve lives through physical activity and sport.

Find out more about our Coaching Community Champions below:

Mel & Wes Ogle, Aylesbury
Portia Simond, Milton Keynes
Benson Miyoba, Wycombe

To find our more about the Coaching Community Champions programme please contact