Better balance is a range of exercise classes in the community which improve strength and balance.

The instructors are able to adapt exercised to participants’ needs so that they enjoy the sessions at their own pace and level. Movement at any age is beneficial for health and can help reduce the risk of developing over 20 preventable diseases. The benefits also outweigh the risks for people living with long term conditions.

There’s lots of evidence to show that if we keep moving, we can reduce our risk of everything from cancer to heart disease, live independently for longer and boost our mental health to help cope with life’s challenges. Regular movement (achieving the CMO guidelines on activity levels) can lead to 66% reduction in bone fractures. 40% reduction in cognitive decline (Dementia and Alzheimer’s) and 25% reduction in Coronary Heart Disease.

Better Balance Basics

Better Balance Basics classes run for 12 weeks and are delivered by falls specialist postural stability instructors where more tailored support is required. Participants are identified during falls assessments completed by health care professionals.

Better Balance in the Community

Better Balance sessions are designed to improve mobility and confidence and develop core strength and balance.

Delivered by instructors who are specifically qualified to help participants develop their balance, these sessions are perfect for people who feel unsteady on their feet or are worried about falling. No referral needed.

Movement Classes

Movement classes are delivered by instructors who are trained to adapt exercises to the needs and abilities of older adults. No referral needed.

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