Rhiannon Smith

Rhiannon Smith

One of the things we love here at Leap is problem solving, so when Monica from the Youth Team at Buckinghamshire Council said she knew of a voluntary youth club who wanted to do some physical activity, we were only too pleased to link them with a suitable instructor.  

The youth club is based in Elmhurst, an area of Aylesbury that has been identified as having a high activity need, where complex barriers often stop people being active. The weekly club attracts young people ranging from 7- 16 years old who take part in a variety of activities. 

Monica, who I’ve been working with for a while, explained that when the Youth Worker who was running the club left and wasn’t replaced, some local mums came together to keep it going. I found this really inspiring as the Mum’s obviously saw the value their children gained from the sessions.  

The young people expressed an interest in trying boxing and I knew just who to recommend.

I’d worked with Linus on a previous project where he had developed excellent rapport with the young people and had positive feedback on his teaching style. As a professional boxer, he also has a motivational and exciting story to share with young people.   

Linus agreed to deliver a session at the youth club and it proved a hit with the young people; 


“Yesterday was great!!! Linus did an amazing work, great engaging with children and young people.
He even signed some gloves, some young people brought their own equipment. My boys came home and went direct to YouTube to find him in action! Everyone is really excited!!!!”

Atia Rios, Local mum and volunteer involved in running of youth group 


Two men in boxing ring

The session was so well received that the young people have requested further sessions with Linus. Through Leap’s CYP Partner programme we have provided funding to establish a regular session which will initially run until the end of June.  I was also delighted to work with Linus again, and he found leading the session rewarding too,





“I said yes to working with Leap again because I’ve seen the great work you do with the community first hand and I believe in your vision. I want to help this generation with all that has helped me, I’ve seen the impact it’s had first hand with our first project in 2019 and I want to keep helping in everywhere that I can, boxing isn’t THE answer but it is AN answer, thank you for picking me again”  

Linus Udofia 


Making connections and hearing feedback like this is what makes my job so rewarding.  

If you’d like to know how you can introduce physical activity into your community youth sessions, drop me an email at rhsmith@leapwithus.org.uk or call 07738314191