Andy Fanshawe Memorial Trust

The Trust exists to fund projects that allow disadvantaged young people in the UK to take up opportunities to develop an existing interest in the great outdoors and outdoor activities.

Objectives of Fund

The Trust offers funding to support disadvantaged young people to further develop an existing interest in adventurous outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, sailing, horse riding in the UK. The Trust usually supports individuals or small groups.

No minimum and maximum levels of support are outlined by the Trust.  Instead, each project will be judged and awarded on merit.

Each year the Trust gives eight to twelve grants averaging £400 each.

Match Funding Restrictions

Applicants are expected to have done some fundraising for the activity or adventure.

Who Can Apply

Applications are accepted from individual young people or small groups or from organisations, such as schools or youth clubs, on behalf of a young person for self-planned activities or residential courses at an outdoor centre in the UK. To be eligible, individual applicants must provide a reference from a teacher or care-worker.


Funding is not available for the following:

  • Taster sessions, one-off trips, or residential trips for large groups.
  • Environmental organisations, unless there is a strong element of adventure.
  • Foreign trips.
  • Capital projects.
  • Equipment for group activities. (The Trust will consider funding equipment if it is for an individual who is showing long-term commitment to his/her activity.)

Eligible Expenditure

Funding is available for projects that allow disadvantaged young people to take up opportunities to further develop their interest in the great outdoors. Mostly, the Trust is looking to support young people with enthusiasm, initiative and a sense of adventure.

Eligible activities can be self-planned by the applicant or a residential course at an outdoor centre and might include outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, sailing, horse riding etc. Activities must include an element of adventure, and applicants must be prepared to write a short report following their adventure.

How To Apply

Applications can be made at any time and should be submitted via email in no more than 1,000 words.

Applications should include the following:

  • Who is applying?
  • What does the project propose to do, and where and when?
  • Who will benefit?  Why do they deserve the Trust’s support?
  • What experience does the applicant have of the activity so far?
  • How will the funding help the applicant develop their interest further?
  • What are the applicant’s plans for continuing to progress their interest?
  • What fundraising is being done or is planned?
  • What is the overall budget?
  • How much is being applied for?

If an individual is applying for a grant, a reference should be obtained from a teacher or care worker.

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