Leap – Community Club Fund

Support community organisations to reduce the number of participants leaving sport and physical activity clubs and organisations due to the Cost of Living Crisis. This funding invests in paying either some or all of the fees for participants who struggle to cover fees and would leave as a result.

Find out how local clubs have supported participants with the Community Club fund here

For example a local sports club has identified five people who will be unable to continue as they’re unable to afford club fees. The club applies for £500: £100 per participant. This covers their fees and they’re able to stay.


A local physical activity provider has found that 20 of their participants have severe financial pressures and will not be able to attend as they can’t afford class fees. The provider applies for £500: £25 per participant and this reduces their class fees for 2 months.


  • You are prepared to upload a bank statement in your organisation’s name (dated within the last 3 months)
  • You are prepared to upload your most recent set of annual accounts
  • You are prepared to upload a Constitution


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