National Lottery Awards for All England

Social connections and community activities are at the heart of creating healthier, happier lives and a flourishing society. That’s why we support amazing community-led projects.

We offer funding from £300 to £20,000. And can support your project for up to two years.
You can apply for funding to deliver a new or existing activity or to support your organisation to change and adapt to new and future challenges.

We can fund projects that’ll do at least one of these things: 

  • bring people together to build strong relationships in and across communities 
  • improve the places and spaces that matter to communities 
  • help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage 
  • support people, communities and organisations facing more demands and challenges because of the cost-of-living crisis. 

Who can apply

You can apply if your organisation is a:

  • constituted voluntary or community organisation
  • constituted group or club
  • registered charity
  • charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)
  • not-for-profit company
  • community interest company (CIC)
  • school (as long as your project benefits and involves the communities around the school)
  • statutory body (including local authorities, town, parish and community council)
  • community benefit society.

Your income

We are more likely to fund groups with smaller incomes.

Due to high demand, organisations that have a large annual income might not be able to get funding.

You need at least 2 board or committee members who are not related

Related can mean:

  • related by marriage
  • in a civil partnership with each other
  • in a long-term relationship with each other
  • related through a long term partner
  • living together at the same address
  • related by blood.

All companies who apply must have at least two directors who are not related in any of these ways. This also applies to companies that are also registered as charities.

Who cannot apply

Who we cannot accept applications from:

  • individuals
  • sole traders
  • organisations based outside the UK
  • companies that can pay profits to directors, shareholders or members (including Companies Limited by Shares)
  • organisations that currently have a National Lottery Awards for All England grant which is not finished
  • organisations that have already sent a National Lottery Awards for All England application and are waiting for a decision
  • organisations applying to more than one of our programmes for the same project over the same period. This is because you cannot get duplicate funding for something we’re already funding you to do. It’s OK to apply to another programme if you’ve already had an unsuccessful decision though
  • one organisation applying on behalf of another.

We do not accept applications written for you by private businesses or consultants

Be careful of businesses or consultants who say they can support you with your funding applications. They might say they’re acting on the Fund’s behalf, or they’re a preferred supplier of the Fund. They could even offer to write an application for you.

We do not accept applications from these types of businesses or consultants.

But it’s ok to get help from support organisations – like your local authority or Council for Voluntary Services (CVS)

They may be able to give you support and advice on writing your application.

You can only have one Awards for All England grant at a time

You can only hold one grant, for each different country in the UK, at a time.

If you want to apply for a new grant – you’ll need to wait until your last grant with us is closed. You will not be eligible if you’ve already sent an application for National Lottery Awards for All funding and are waiting for a decision.

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