SportsAid helps young, unfunded athletes to overcome one of their greatest barriers to success – the financial challenge of trying to become Britain’s next generation of Olympians, Paralympians and world champions. Support the next with SportsAid.
The next generation

SportsAid athletes are the UK’s brightest prospects from more than 60 sports. Typically age 12 to 18, they receive no other funding. This means they rely heavily on their parents for support. Not just financially but also for their transport, kit, nutrition and much, much more!

The really amazing thing about this is that many are already representing Great Britain and if they can continue doing so, have the potential to go on and inspire the nation, as we saw so brilliantly during London 2012.

Without SportsAid, many of these athletes would face a hard choice over whether to continue training and competing. They already spend, on average, £6,000 a year on their sport and 100% of them say SportsAid’s support is helpful or even essential.

SportsAid funds these athletes entirely through donations and can only continue to do so with your help. What will you do? You can support the next by donating today.
You can find out more in our Athletes and Alumni sections.


Every athlete who receives SportsAid’s support is nominated to the charity by their sport’s national governing body (NGB). NGBs are organisations like British Athletics, British Cycling, British Swimming and so on. You can read more about NGBs in Who We Work With.

How to get nominated

If you are seeking SportsAid’s support:
1.Check the Sports We Support section to find out if your sport is already working with the charity.
2.Look at the criteria that SportsAid has agreed with your sport – particularly the age group and performance levels.
3.Make a note of who you should speak to in your NGB for more details about getting nominated.

If you are nominated

If your NGB decides that you are eligible for a SportsAid award, you will receive an email from SportsAid in the autumn – usually in November – asking you to complete a nomination form on this website.

The charity tries to support every athlete who is nominated but please note that we can only do so if we receive enough donations. So please remember that not receiving a SportsAid award is not a reflection on your performance.

If you know someone who can help SportsAid raise the money it needs to keep funding young athletes, please contact us today.

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Sports We Support

SportsAid believes that sporting opportunities should be open to all. The charity is committed to:
•Developing a culture that enables and values the full involvement of all
•Embedding and promoting the principles of equality by supporting high-quality sport
•Creating an environment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to benefit from the support the charity and its partners have to offer
•Responding to the diverse needs, capabilities and preferences of all by ensuring we maintain appropriate levels of communication