Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

    • Grants are available to help disabled people in the UK to play tennis through the purchase of wheelchairs, tennis equipment and grants for coaching.Funding is provided by The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust, a tennis charity that raises funds for people with disabilities.

      Objectives of Fund

      The Trust offers small grants to help disabled people to play tennis through the purchase of wheelchairs, tennis equipment and grants for coaching.

      Grants of up to £1,600 for a group, club or project are available. Up to £600 is available for individuals.

      Match Funding Restrictions

      Organisations must make a contribution towards the purchase of wheelchairs.

      Who Can Apply

      Disability groups and programmes, clubs, schools and associations in the UK are eligible to apply. Individuals are also eligible to apply.

      Grant applications for the same purpose are accepted two years after a previous application.


      Items considered as luxury items, such as electrical equipment, clothing, holdalls or individual transport costs will not be considered.

      Publicity, promotions, advertising, general administration and catering at tournaments and events are not within the criteria for grant aid.

      Sound balls are not available for individuals.

      Eligible Expenditure

      Applications can be made for the following:

      Wheelchairs – group, club or project applications can be made for ROMA tennis wheelchairs designed for general use at grassroots level. A contribution of £300 per chair is required, and the Trust will offer a grant for the remaining cost. There may also be a delivery charge, which must be met by the applicant.

      Wheelchairs – individual applications: there are three types of wheelchair available to individuals who play wheelchair tennis. The applicant must raise a contribution towards the chair and the Trust will pay the difference (contribution amount varies depending on chair type). For alternative wheelchairs, a grant may be awarded and the applicant will be responsible for ordering and payment of the chair directly with the supplier.

      Bag of equipment: these bags will be ordered and paid for by the Trust and delivered direct to a specified address. Kit bags will include rackets, balls, mini net, and coaching aids such as cones and throw down marker lines. Sound balls for visually impaired groups may also be applied for. These kits are suitable for groups, clubs and disability programmes.

      Grants are available for starting a disability group, a club programme or a project or help with an existing project or programme. Examples of items that will be considered under this scheme are help towards court hire, coaching fees, equipment (if not applying for a kit bag as above). All programmes and projects should aim towards self-financing and sustainability.

      Individual applications – items considered in this category would be tennis rackets for which a maximum grant of £100 per racket may be offered, strings, tape and gloves for wheelchair players. Coaching lessons with an LTA Licensed coach and course fees for official LTA Development/Coaching courses are also available.

      How To Apply

      Applications are assessed four times per year.

      The next deadlines are:

      4 February 2024 for applications to be considered at the March 2024 meeting.

      14 April 2024 for applications to be considered at the May 2024 meeting.

      7 July 2024 for applications to be considered at the August 2024 meeting.

      27 October 2024 for applications to be considered at the November 2024 meeting.

      Before applying for assistance, applicants are advised to consult The Lawn Tennis Association and/or their local County Tennis Association.

      Application forms are available to complete online on the Trust’s website.

      Contact The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust for further information.

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