The Charity’s objectives are to promote and support a wide variety of charitable causes in England and Wales.

Funding is provided at the discretion of the Trustees.

The Trust reports that for the year ended 31 March 2016, it gave 123 grants (double the number of the previous year) and increased the amount of funding given from £153,500 to £840,000.

Who Can Apply

Registered charities in England and Wales may apply.


Individuals are not eligible to apply to this fund.

Eligible Expenditure

The Trust supports a wide range of charitable causes, including the following:

  • Relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.
  • The prevention or relief of poverty.
  • The advancement of education.
  • The advancement of religion.
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives.
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development.
  • The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science.
  • The advancement of amateur sport.
  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement.
  • The advancement of animal welfare.
How To Apply

The Trust does not maintain a website or a formal application form.

The Trust only accepts written applications which can be made at any time.  Applications should be posted to the Trust’s registered office.

Mr Rajiv Rupani
Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust
RF Trustee Co Limited
15 Suffolk Street

Tel: 020 3696 6715
E-mail: Contact Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust