The Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund provides grants for building or refurbishing grassroots facilities, such as changing pavilions and playing surfaces for community benefit, with money provided by the Premier League, The FA and the Government (via Sport England) and delivered by the Foundation.

The Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund, which is available to football clubs, schools, councils and local sports associations, is focused on supporting the development of new or refurbished local football facilities, and replaces the previous Facilities Scheme, Build the Game and the Premier League Community Facility Fund.

Managed by the Football Foundation on behalf of the funding partners – the Premier League, The FA and Government, via Sport England – the Fund is a three-year £102m commitment to improving the nation’s grassroots football facilities.

The new £102m investment will enable the Football Foundation to continue to support grassroots facility projects across the country, which will improve the experience of playing the national game at the lowest levels and help to increase participation in football.

Eligible projects

The Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund gives grants for projects that:

  • Improve facilities for football and other sport in local communities.
  • Sustain or increase participation amongst children and adults, regardless of background age, or ability.
  • Help children and adults to develop their physical, mental, social and moral capacities through regular participation in sport.

The types of facilities we give money for include:

  • Grass pitches drainage/improvements
  • Pavilions, clubhouses and changing rooms
  • 3G Football Turf Pitches (FTPs) and multi-use games areas
  • Fixed floodlights for artificial pitches.

We welcome applications from football clubs, professional clubs’ community trusts, multi-sport clubs, local authorities, all educational establishments, registered charitable organisations, not for profit companies limited by guarantee, industrial and provident societies and unincorporated not for profit organisations.
All applications must have security of tenure either by freehold or leasehold. A minimum of 25 years security of tenure is required by leasehold.


Priority for applications involving professional club community programmes will be given to projects that are located within areas of high deprivation (as defined by the Governments Indices of Deprivation). For projects outside of these areas, priority will be given to those that can demonstrate that it draws a significant proportion of its participants from neighbouring deprived areas.

Schemes that are a joint application between professional club community schemes and grassroots football will be prioritised, as will those supporting 3G FTPs.

Applications for support are likely to exceed the capital grants available and therefore applications will be assessed and weighted towards priority projects.

Grant limits

The maximum grant available from the Foundation for each facilities project is £500,000.
The minimum grant available from the Foundation through this scheme is £10,000. If you are requiring a grant below £10,000 please see our PL/FA:FF Small Grants scheme.

If you have any queries or challenges, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either directly or by emailing

Applicants must demonstrate a financial need for grant aid and contribute all of their available money to the project. We also expect financial contributions from other funding organisations.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that all available options for match funding have been exhausted and to be able to provide evidence for this. As a guide, projects would normally be expected to secure 50% match funding although each project will be assessed based on individual circumstances.

Applying for funding

This area of the website is split into three sections to provide support on every step of your project, from pre-application advice to maximising participation at your facilities. Use the navigation on the right to move between sections.

We recommend reading through all of the sections before proceeding with your project.

Your new online application portal – Grantshot

The new Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund is the first Football Foundation scheme to use Grantshot, a brand new platform for organisations to apply, manage and monitor their projects.

Once an individual has registered for a Grantshot account, they will have access to information on all the open and closed grants that they are involved in, so that they can quickly find out the status of a project or refer back to previous applications.  They can also invite other Grantshot members to have access to their projects, so that information can be shared easily between members of the same organisation.

To login or create your Grantshot account, click on the link below: