Trusthouse Charitable Foundation – Small Grants

Single year grants between £2,000 and £10,000 for core costs, salaries, running and project costs 

Projects must have a focus on Community Support 

You can apply if: 

  • if you are located in an urban area, you must be in the bottom 15% most deprived areas 
  • if you are located in a rural area, you must be in the bottom 50% most deprived areas  
  • Your project has a focus on community support 
  • Your annual income does not exceed £250,000 
  • You can secure 50% of the total project costs  
  • You can supply your most recent annual accounts 
  • You can start spending our grant within 1-2 months of receipt 
  • You are embedded in your local community 

You can apply for a maximum of 50% of the total cost of the project/salary/core running costsWe do not fund capital projects. 

Our preference is for front line organisations working directly with people in need. We do not  support campaigning, organisational development or capacity building.  We will consider new work if it is a logical extension of existing work, but do not support work which represents  a significant shift away from your existing core aims and experience. 

Please see ‘Who and What We Fund’ for examples and also a full list of exclusions. 

Successful applicants can re-apply for a further two years. No further applications can be made after the completion of the third grant. 

Ready to apply? 

We strongly advise you to read our Small Grants Funding Guidelines before proceeding to complete the eligibility quiz. The quiz will tell you whether your organisation is eligible to apply for a Small Grant. There is also information on the Help button attached to each question on the on-line application form. 

Check your eligibility  


  1. You can only apply for one grant at a time i.e. you cannot apply for two different costs at the same time, whether to the same or different grants programmes. 
  1. We expect beneficiaries of grants for salaries, core costs, running or project costs to start spending the grant we make within one to two months of the award being made. Please therefore do not apply too far in advance of the time when you need the funding, as your application is very likely to be unsuccessful.