Leap, Get Berkshire Active and Active Oxfordshire are delighted to be able to share with you the completed external evaluation of the Active Medicine Programme.  Although she has now left us, we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Casey Dunlop for her brilliant work.  In September 2019, when Casey came into post, nobody could have imagined that after 5 months of careful preparation all our plans would be thrown to the wind at the onset of the first lockdown.


It is testament to Casey’s hard work, our key stakeholders continued support and the added profile and urgency around the importance of physical activity, that the programme adjusted and transformed to suit the new reality.  As much as anything this included a broadening of the scope and including a wider range of partners beyond traditional HCPs.  The voluntary sector was an important new area as were new roles such as social prescribers.


The two documents below provide different things.  The first, the more traditionally measured metrics.  Here the incredible top line figure, especially considering the situation, was that over 1200 individuals were trained to be better informed about physical activity and how to have positive conversations with those with whom they interact.

Active Medicine Metrics Analysis

Active Medicine Evaluation

The second and most important document outlines the story of Active Medicine and the learning that has taken place and that is available for the wider network.  You will be aware that the overarching aim was to learn ‘how’ this might work rather than simply ‘what’ it did.  We believe the evaluation carried out by Press Red has gone a long way to doing this.


Although Casey has moved on, the programme hasn’t come to an end.  We have dates planned into 2022 for many more PHE Clinical Champion training and CVSE awareness 1hr workshops.  Please keep engaging with us and promoting the training opportunities in your own areas of influence using the link here.

If you have any questions or comments on all of this, please email cgregory@leapwithus.org.uk who will be happy to help.