Gaining funding for your organisation is not just about asking for money, it’s about making a compelling case that convinces funders to invest.

This guide will help you secure the funding you need. Leap have collated our top tips on how to write a successful funding application and guide you through the funding process.

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  • Do your Research

It is a clever idea to find out as much information about a funder as possible before making an application.

Does your organisation meet the criteria of the funder providing the grant?

How much does the funder offer for each grant?

Does the grant available meet with your organisation’s requirements?

Funding organisations will welcome the opportunity to chat through your project to ensure its eligible rather than waste time completing application if not eligible.

What information and supporting documents do you require to make an application? Can your organisation provide all the information required to complete an application?

When is the deadline for applications and is there enough time to thoroughly meet the next deadline?


  • Application Information

Funding organisations receive many applications and it is crucial that your application clearly outlines why you require a grant and how it matches the funders objectives

Be clear about your project: sometimes we are too close to our own activities to be able to make it clear to an outsider. Ask yourself if you have been specific enough about your planned activities – what, where, when, who, how many and how often, by whom? Would someone outside your organisation understand what you are planning to do?

Clearly identify the outcomes of your project. Can you be SMART? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-bound.

What evidence do you have that funding is required?

Clearly identify your project and its outcomes

Do you have detailed data to demonstrate the demand for the funding? The Bucks Data Exchange is a one-stop shop for data, insights and statistics about the local area and its population.

Can you clearly demonstrate what benefits the funding will make? e.g. how many people will benefit and in what ways?

Ensure that your application highlights the difference the funding will make to the local community.


  • Demonstrate how you will use the funds

Ensure that you have fully costed out your project and can explain exactly what the funding will be used for and the impact

Identify how much money you need

Only ask for up the maximum grant available

Establish an action plan with timescales

How it will make an impact and how will you manage success?

Why is your organisation best placed to deliver the change and how you are different from any similar services that exist? What is your expertise and experience? Back that up with data as well as case studies or quotes from beneficiaries, their families or carers or other stakeholders with an interest in your service.

If you can source funding from other organisations this may be favourable for your application.

Demonstrate sustainability – how will your project continue after the money has been spent?


  • What you might need

Most funds will require some or all the following:

Most recent accounts

Bank account set up in organisation name

Governing document

Project Plan


Safeguarding policy

Health & Safety policy


Letters of support


  • Last bits…

Ask somebody to look over the application before it is sent.

Consider including a covering letter with your application.

Double check all the supporting documents have been included in your application.

Take copies of your application to refer to if you are asked questions

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