Improving lives through physical activity and sport

We are almost two years through our four year strategy so we thought this would be a good opportunity to hear from a host of partners who have worked with us to use physical activity and sport to improve the lives of Buckinghamshire and MK residents.

Whilst we have all of our key stakeholders and partners in the room we thought it would be timely to identify more we could do together over the next two years and hear from our colleagues in the Sport England investment team on what they are looking to fund in 2020 and beyond.

Below you can download presentations from the speakers

What has been achieved to date  (Chris Gregory – Leap)

Examples of how together with our partners we are using physical activity and sport as part of a solution to a number of challenges.
Click here to view the slides Chris presented with.

Active Ageing (Leon Popplewell & Gavin James, GLL Better)
Sharing the impact and learning from the Active Bucks Older Adults investment, alongside recommendations for future investment.
Click here to view the slides on Active Ageing that Leon presented to.

Emotional and Mental Well-being (Sam White, Wycombe Wanderers SET)
How are Football league clubs embracing the power of sport and physical activity to improve the well-being of fans and communities they operate in?
Click here to view the slides on Emotional and mental well-being that Sam presented to.

Population and Housing Growth (Ceri Perkins, Aylesbury Garden Town)
What role will physical activity and sport play in the plans for Aylesbury Garden Town?  Examples of community projects planned or already running.
Click here to view the slides on Aylesbury Garden Town that Ceri and David presented to.

Reducing Inequalities (All People Active)
How has All People Active used physical activity and sport to bring people together, build communities and engage inactive groups of residents in Milton Keynes?
Click here to view the slides on inequalities and rural deprivation that Chris talked through.

On your tables (Facilitated by Leap Team members)
Initial thoughts: What has gone well? What more can we collectively do? Any obvious gaps?
Click here to view notes from the forum that capture thoughts from the tables and feedback on the forum. 

Towards an Active Nation Investment (Rob Hartley – Investment Manager, Sport England)
Sport England colleagues will outline the funds currently open or soon to open and their approach to investment in 2020 and beyond.
Click here to view the slides Rob presented with. 

Close and round up (Mark Ormerod – Director, Leap)
Followed by lunch and networking.


Click here to view the delegate list from the January Improving Lives Partner Forum.

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