We’re working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Public Health, and the Active Pregnancy Foundation to provide This Mum Moves Ambassador training. We aim to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of pregnant women and new mums by reducing the decline in physical activity levels during and after pregnancy.

Nationally there are 560,000 births every year, but only 25% of pregnant women and new mums meet the recommended activity levels ( APF/TMM: Survey – Pregnancy and Physical Activity during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-21). This means 419,000 women are missing out on the benefits of being active.

This Mum Moves (TMM) Ambassador Training is a half-day training event that will equip professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to discuss physical activity during pregnancy and after childbirth.

This training is aimed at professionals who work with and have regular contact with women during their childbearing years. The learning objectives are:

  • To be familiar with the evidence base for physical activity during and beyond pregnancy, including national guidelines and activity level definitions;
  • To effectively promote physical activity using the Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) physical activity guidance;
  • To provide appropriate and timely advice, guidance and signposting to trusted resources;
  • To be able to access resources to support physical activity conversations and engagement;
  • To understand the role of a TMM Ambassador in raising awareness and increasing physical activity engagement as part of a healthy lifestyle

Before taking part in Buckinghamshire Ambassador Training, 56% of the health professionals attending felt they were ‘not at all confident’ or ‘a little confident’ in giving advice on physical activity or being active to pregnant women. Following the training, all attendees felt ‘reasonably confident’, ‘confident’ or ‘highly confident’. In addition, the training led to 82% saying they had a ‘good knowledge’ in promoting physical activity to pregnant women.

The feedback was positive, with many attendees telling us how they could use their new understanding in their work:

“I have more confidence in my knowledge now, so I will be able to offer appropriate information as needed. I also have the knowledge and confidence to create displays and events focused on ante and post natal physical activity”

“I am hoping to put this knowledge to use for a new project offering free ante natal care for our vulnerable families”

“I now feel competent in talking to women about these topics whereas before I would have avoided the topics”


The next online training date for Buckinghamshire based health professionals is Thursday 26th September 2024 – 9.00-1.30pm

To apply for a training place or for further information please contact: Layla Ravey – Layla.Ravey@buckinghamshire.gov.uk